How do women start workouts?

What workout

Training is a complete street subculture and sport in a bottle. True, although not official.
The sport began in the 1990s in the United States (elsewhere). And it started with teenagers: they trained in the street and then uploaded videos to YouTube. Then the training began to spread throughout the world.

Benefits of workout workouts

The main postulate: you can keep your body in shape without spending a monthly salary on a passport to the gym. Workouts make the body very sculpted and beautiful. All thanks to the street shells – to stay in them, you need to use all muscle groups. And use it correctly. The exercises vary widely: you can focus on pull-ups and pull-ups or start doing tricks.

There are three main differences with other sports: the exercises are not done in a “textbook”, but in a free form; you only need your own body weight for employment; the “image” of the learning community itself.

There is no competition on the site, and people who are at least somewhat trained are willing to share their knowledge and invented tricks. They are also insured.

Benefits of workout workouts


In the elite. Although the exercises are performed without the use of barbells and dumbbells, there is still a risk of injury from carelessly falling off a single beam. Another advantage, more for the girls, is that there will be some calluses. So before you embark on your learning journey, it’s best to stock up on a few jars of your hand cream. Talcum powder will be useful for “non-slip” horizontal bars. And the last thing: after all, learning is more of a street subject. Therefore, in the cold season you will wear a hundred clothes and keep warm.

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Basic types of training.
Although in my studies the principle of “I’m an artist, that’s how I see it”, there are some guidelines.

Street workout

The street is an eternal classic. This includes exercises with weights, such as push-ups and squats, as well as the invention of new items on outdoor playgrounds.

Street workout

Train your ghetto

Lasted. More for men. The basis is to apply complex strength training, but at the same time great. If you want an example, think of the intricacies and gymnasiums of the Olympics.

That is, in the gym or indoors. This is not the most popular direction, but in winter it develops better. The CrossFit area is perfect for exercising. They are in almost every gym.

How do women start workouts?

The training is suitable even for those who consider the passage of two high-intensity stairs. That is, the level “from the beginning” will not be an obstacle for the program. Where to start training.

Take the time to search for fitness sites. Once the location is found, you can roughly decide which option to choose: exercise outdoors or in the gym in the CrossFit area.

Take the test. Perhaps the weekend in one of the parks of the training party, where experts will clearly show what kind of sport and how to do it correctly.

Otherwise, look for trainers. Not a personal trainer, of course, but at least a first-time mentor. And then you can suffer.

At the initial level, do not press too hard. The body has to adapt to loads. It can only be increased then.
Do exercise every day. Muscles need time to recover, otherwise you will get them. By the way, the consequences of muscle wasting are less harmless – you can speed up a blow. If your muscles ache, stretch or soak in a hot bath.

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As in any sport, regularity is important in training. Just train two or three times a week for a set period of time. And there will be a result: less scales, relief, increased endurance, balance and better coordination. Antistress included.

How do women start workout workouts

Basic exercises for women


Mandatory for everyone. Elementary – for 10-15 minutes.


Especially for the boys. First, do the basic exercise for your workouts: regular workouts. Gradual increase in the number of repetitions. Then change your grip width and try the one-hand exercise option.

Push ups for girls

There are many variations: uneven, from the ground, standing up to the wall. Pay special attention to the correct position of the hands. This is usually the case: you do push-ups for a long time and there is no “feedback”.

Push ups for girls