The most effective workout exercises for men

What is a workout?

Training is a sport in which athletes perform exercises on irregular or horizontal bars. The advantage of training is that you do not even need to buy a subscription to the gym for training. For training on horizontal bars you can easily go to the street. The workout perfectly develops strength and endurance, and also allows you to develop the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Dead load

Without a doubt, the king of all exercises is the grip of the posture, which perfectly loads and trains all major muscle groups and is perhaps the best test of physical strength and power of all time. Because all major muscle groups are involved in running, this allows the body to produce more testosterone, the main hormone that “builds” muscle. For this reason, posture traction is at the heart of any training plan for most athletes around the world and a basic exercise for men.

If you are not quite sure of your technique of performing this exercise, pay attention to this video and do not forget to seek the advice of an experienced trainer in your gym.


Like deadlifts, squats target all major muscle groups throughout the body and are a necessary exercise for men, especially in the leg building and conditioning program.
With squats, you can also improve your performance in components such as running speed and jumping height.


One of the most popular exercises for men in any gym is a bench press. This movement is responsible for increasing physical strength, harmonious development of chest muscles, shoulders and triceps. Exercise also releases a lot of testosterone, which promotes the overall growth of muscle mass in the body.

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Romanian project

Perhaps the most popular exercise for men to train the waist and build healthy buttocks. This step also helps to strengthen the lower back, allowing you to feel less uncomfortable after a long day in an office chair.

Kettlebell swing

With the right movement of weight you develop an explosive force, load the buttocks, shoulder girdle and at the same time you get a great cardiovascular load.

Push-ups in trx loops

Most modern trainers note the special usefulness of the TRX suspension belt exercises. The instability of the position of the arms during this movement causes intense activation of muscle fibers, which in turn leads to an increase in strength in a shorter time than with classic push-ups. This exercise is especially good for shoulder health.


This multifunctional exercise, familiar to many from childhood, effectively loads the upper half of the body, connecting with the muscles of the back, body and arms.

Medicine ball throws

One of the most unusual and extremely effective exercises for the abdominal muscles. Working with drugs is great for your core as it works effectively on the ball and adds a great cardio workout to your workout plan.

Exercise with a Swedish ball

Another unpopular and extremely effective exercise is the Swedish ball. You need to incorporate this movement into your training complex if one of your goals is “abdominal cubes”.

The moment you perform these movements on the ball, the press is of high quality and strong pressure, without which it is simply impossible to find a stomach for relief. Use this exercise instead of the usual squats to speed up the desired results and remember the basic principles of fat loss.

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